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Mag-Mute Straight Mute

A rich and resonant sounding straight mute for solo, orchestral, band, and other ensemble work. The bottom is magnetized for convenient stand attachment. Intonation is superb. Elegant Gold Stripe around bottom.

Black ABS (Same material as Legos(R))

Mag-Mute Straight Mute for Cornet or Trumpet Bb/C

  • This straight mute design is by me, Jerry Pollard, inventor of the Pollard Water Key, and developer of PrestoValves brass instrument lubricant and protection products. 

    The many prototypes brought me to this design. The look is great and professional, but the sound has a core with rich overtones. A mute is not meant to "mute" the sound as much as it is to color it. It blows freely, yet has that great characteristic straight mute sound. 

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