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Jerry, I just got home from visiting some friends down in AL for Thanksgiving and was pleasantly surprised to see my box of mutes waiting for me! I haven't had a big chance to play them and really test them yet, but my initial reaction is - WOW! Of course, I have a bunch of mutes like many other guys out there. I'll share more feedback in the next few days, but i'll start with the pic silent mute. THANK YOU for building a legit silent mute for my piccolo trumpet! I also have a (very popular)* silent pic mute, but it's so far out of tune that it's almost unplayable. I tried yours and was instantly impressed that it didn't put my A pic automatically in Bb. Also, playing into the upper register is really terrific when compared to the (very popular)* pic silent mute. I'll be putting the (very popular)* up for sale in the next day or two. Let me know if you might have a little time and I can maybe video conference with you and give you more feedback on the others. Great stuff man!

*I left the competitor's name off, if you want to know, email me!

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